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in Marstrand

A deeper body Immersion •

Like a plant our bodies need care, light, nutrition and the right surrounding to grow into its full potential. And just like the plant’s seed already holds all information to become the plant, our cells know exactly how to be us. By using this intrinsic intelligence our bodies hold, we can allow and fulfil the person we are meant to be.

Over 3 days I am offering a rich blend of fluent Yoga & movement practices, somatic touch & breathwork woven together through poetry and sound vibrations.
From seed to flower, we will remember and reorganise our insights, root our bodies in moving and feeling the connective tissue of our personal physiology as well as the relational webs we are living in. Attending the full immersion is like a journey of milk & honey, deep learning and self experience. But each workshop offers its own medicine, standing on its own and can be booked and enjoyed separately. In between the workshops I am available for private consultations and body treatments.

Day 1 „Seed“ : TOUCH
Opening with somatic techniques for the fascia, nervous system & lymphatic drainage to be well rooted and nourished we will then play with breathwork and slow fluid movements. A workshop to ground, deeply listen and open up the cells for more freedom and a clearer vision.

Day 2 „Sprout“ : MOVE
The second day is for unwinding & awakening the spine, loosening up blockages and habituated ways of thinking. With a renewed sense of being in a body we’re going to explore different ways and impulses of moving:
From bones into joints, from joints into tissues into muscles to create a full body experience of strength, sensitivity and environmental connection.

Day 3 „Blossom“ : EXPRESS
Embodied Voice & Self Expression as a result of knowing and owning yourself. This workshop focuses on the body-breath-voice connection and how it can built confidence and enhanced communication. We will apply techniques to work with the heart field vibrations, tongue mojo, toning, speaking & listening through body language so we can use the body as an instrument and our voice as the song we sing from our unique seed-essence within.

1x 2.5h Workshop
= 450kr

Full immersion (3 workshops)
= 1000kr

Join the 'full immersion'

81,25  (incl. 16,25  VAT)



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