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Human Design (Hy•le)
Purpose mapping.
Life Chart Reading

90-130 MINS

Human Design, Oracle & Tarot

I have grown to understand the depth of healing that can occur when using objects and symbols to understand a story.

Tarot and Human Design has been excellent tools for me in helping to make people’s stories visible, and translate between the seen and the unseen. We all experience life differently and have different beliefs about what is real and what is not.
But from time to time we get tangled up in our stories, blinded by emotions or circumstances.
Exactly in these times both the cards and the cosmic life map can work as a mirror to show the reflection of a persons needs and visions.

Readings are always held in sacred space, and held over the phone unless otherwise arranged, with in person sessions open depending on availability and need.

A Human Design Reading provides two main sets of tools, called Strategy and Authority.

The BodyGraph shows you what your unique Strategy and Authority is and this information can help you to make the decisions that are most in line with who you are, which will ultimately lead you in the direction that is right for YOU.

When we operate with our body’s natural energies instead of against them, we experience less resistance in our bodies and our lives.
We have a tendency to make decisions from our mind, bypassing our body’s unique intelligence. So Human Design is an excellent tools in helping to reflect them back at themselves to untangle from conditions, habits, beliefs and emotions that are held in the body as blocks and uncage that innate intelligence.

Ritual. Habit Changing.
Mind Setting


can be part of
Voice as a body Coaching

We are defined by what we regularly do. And the regular is formed through habit.

The littlest thoughts can have the greatest effect on our health and wellbeing. So finding thought patterns, daily actions and believes helps to create a new feeling of self, life and new possibilities to grow or heal.

Because we are trained to go with the familiar and boycott ourselves due to experiences, and emotions from the past – creating ritual can help to shift and prioritize the things we want to evolve, and dissolve all things keeping us from the life we want.

Through honest listening and digging deep into the unconsious realms we identify whats blocking the flow of change, and plant a new seed to blossom into a new understanding of self.



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