Movement Intelligence


Do you play? How do you play? And when was the last time you played?

This is your new playground to let your body talk and learn to understand its words. A platform where strength, mobility, balance and coordination can be implemented as tools to move and think better, to physically express yourself the way you desire.

Doing a lot in your mind and for your brain lately? Did you know every cell of your body has its own brain, which needs stimulation, impulses and relaxation in order to function as the moving human organism that we are.

The word „Intelligence“ literally means „to choose“. Which means knowing and separating between being part of something (an organism) and knowing the difference of not being part of something (other organisms).

Most of the times we use our bodies either without thinking or thinking too much about the outcome. But how would it look and feel to move freely even playfully without analysing or trying to achieve something? And observing the movement instead, to then learn and adjust, listen, adapt and apply knowledge to manipulate ones environment. In other words exploring new possible ways of being (inside) a body and em-body the hidden language of that moving organism.

A few processes take place at the same time:

  1. Moving without thinking- that’s improvising. And the way you do it, is your self expression.
  2. Knowing what’s next while moving- that’s part of movement intelligence.
  3. Discovering a new body awareness, and searching for more possibilities- that’s researching.

Movement therefore has to be a dialogue. Because moving the body means communicating with inner and outer forces and influences to either connect or react towards them. The most important outer forces being gravity, impulse, surface and space. Inner forces that obviously move us are emotions, thoughts and habit.

So this practice is an alchemical mixture of elements, containing breath/body/mind.

We will blend fragments of yoga, dance, martial arts and floor movements into an hour long practice which then will be followed by 30 minutes of self practice and free play.

No levels. Many skills. Individual improvement.
(drop in possible anytime!)

Movement Essentials •
5 Week Program

Week 1: Floorwork
Week 2: Balance
Week 3: Circles & Spirals
Week 4: Fluidus movements
Week 5: Intuitive Play

Next round starting October 2nd, 2021 – open for all levels.

::Thursdays 8.30-10h::

first time: 12€ / drop in: 17€
monthly subscription: 45€
movement essentials course: 60€ (payed in full)

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