Public Classes

Yoga, Meditation & Movement Classes
(in Studio)

7.15-8.30 Yes!Yoga (advanced)
13-14 Yes!Yoga (lunch break)

7-8.15 online stream /outdoor (open level)
12-13 TheYogaLoft Cologne (open level)

7.30-8.30 Yes!Yoga (intermediate)
8.30-10 Movement Intelligence (Neustart September)
20-21.30 Lord Vishnus Couch SÜD (Deep Alignment)

8-9 TheYogaLoft Cologne (WakeUp)
9.30-10.45 TheYogaLoft Cologne (aLive Stream)
16.30-18 TheYogaLoft Cologne (Basic)

9-9.30 TheYogaLoft Cologne (Meditation)
9.30-11 TheYogaLoft Cologne (advanced)
17.30-19 Lord Vishnus Couch EHR (open level)

Private Classes

Body Mapping
& Movement Medicine


individually created movement and body forms to build deeper connection with and strengthen the sensibility of ones body as a (healing) instrument.

Combining fluent yoga, breath and
anatomical alignment to allow for the student to move and transform in a protected space. Together we then create a personal home practice both to guide, and to maintain health and energy.

Using the body as a mirror to find hidden triggers, detect unhealthy habits and understand the relationship between body, mind and personal biography.

Breath Alchemy
& Mind Medicine

70 €

Meditation & Pranayama

Breathing is dialogic.
We can use the sound of the breath like a bridge between what is perceived as inside and what is perceived as outside.
By weaving the breath like a thread between space and form, body and cosmos, we can change the athmosphere inside of our bodies, knock on our hearts and clear our minds.

With that so achieved awareness of breath we can then travel freely within our minds, and embody the notion that we, like the rest of the universe, are designed for the experience of magic and awe.



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