• Sweet treat retreat •

July 12-14th, 2024

A 2 day get away.
For purity. Simplicity & summer island dreams.

Here comes your sweet summer retreat,
a weekend like a juicy fruit for heart, body and sense organs.

Summer is expansive, warm and ripe. It is when the fruits are heavy on the vine and it is designed for experience – for being outside of yourself.

Like a juicy fruit, the heart is meant to be devoured, pumped and enjoyed fully in order to become our life’s nectar and energy.

Pure breath. Open senses. Subtle practice.

Raw nature & a touch of wyrd

– dipped in honey

Come on a journey through the fabric of water, trees and light to start listening to your body’s innate wisdom.

Far away from daily routines and habits we will dive deep into the forest of trees, plants and bodily sensations. Out of the shadows of winter and visioning we are inviting summer fully into our heart chambers to vibrate and sing. From hesitant blooming into being proud, yummy and ripe. Taking in the light to be deeply clarified.

Yoga & Embodiment | breathwork | meditation
somatic touch | nourishment | sauna | ocean | storytelling
the moon, the stars and all the elements

DAY 1:
breathe & sweat

5pm arrival

breathwork & slow movements
star gazing

DAY 2:
move & enjoy your fruit body

morning meditation & movement (2h)
swim & chill
evening practice (1.5h)
boat & stargazing
sauna & storytelling

DAY 3:
Distill the essence into juice

meditation, breath & somatic touch
morning movement

departure 11am


During our yoga retreats we split the small group of 8 participants into two very cosy traditional Swedish summer houses. There is two bedrooms in each house. One of the bedrooms has a bunkbed, one has a kingsize bed and two rooms have twin beds (which you can also put together to a kingsize bed if you’re a couple). 

We live very close to nature and have 2 „bathrooms“ at the facility. We recently built a bathoom outside of the „mainhouse“ which has a normal flush toilet and an outdoor shower. There is also a second bathroom, which is a outhouse toilet (common to have at Swedish summer houses).



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